Bronze & Cadet Camps





Every Summer the Club's Training and Assessment Area conduct a Bronze Camp (Bronzies) for members who must be aged at least 15 years to gain their Bronze Medallion - Certificate II Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) and a Cadet Camp (Cadets) for members who must be aged at least 13 years to gain their Surf Rescue Certificate.

Members gaining these awards then participate in Surf Lifesaving Patrols of the Point Lonsdale Back Beach on a voluntary basis, are required to assist with the Annual Doorknock collection and with the Rip View Swim Classic and can elect to participate in Aquatic Sports and other club social activities. It is a requirement that members who gain their Bronze or Surf Rescue Certificate participate in regular rostered patrols - this is not an optional component of Active membership of the Club. Along with Camp fees, Membership is payable by all participants.

This Season the groups will run simultaneously but cater for the needs of the respective age groups and a major focus of the new program is investing for our future. The timing will allow for 100% of Club resources to be dedicated to the program without conflict from other Club activities and events. 

Note we do not and cannot offer any 'special' or 'one off' assessments for candidates who do not meet the minimum age requirement on assessment day, even if this may result in having to wait almost 12 months for the next course.


The Executive Committee has adopted a Cadet / Bronze Camp applicant policy: 
The Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club undertakes an Annual Cadet and Annual Bronze Camp. The purpose of the Camp is to train members in core qualifications for volunteer surf lifesavers and for suitable candidates to be assessed for the Surf Life Saving Australia - Surf Rescue Certificate (Cadets) and the Certificate II Public Safety ie. Bronze Medallion (Bronze). 
The primary objective of the Camps is to train members in surf life saving qualifications so that they can assist the Club to undertake it's 'core business' of providing volunteer Surf Rescue Patrols, at the Point Lonsdale Back Beach from late November until Easter (or as prescribed by Life Saving Victoria). All candidates must have a willingness to undertake this role for a minimum of two Season's (ie. the Season of attending the Camp and the Season after). 
During most Season's the number of applicants can be safely and efficiently included in the Camp, however should the number of applicants exceed the number of available places then a ranking system shall be utilised, to ensure that the program can operate safety and efficiently. 
The Club recognises that the following circumstances are strong indicators of past involvement / connection to the Club and indicate future ability and willingness to Patrol and to be actively involved with the Club: 
Past involvement in the Nipper program. 
For Bronze Camp attendees, attendance at the Cadet Camp. 
For Bronze Camp attendees, a positive past patrol attendance record. 
Other members of their immediate family (ie. sibling / parent / guardian / child) being current members. 
Past involvement in Aquatic Sports (Surf Life Saving competition). 
Members of their extended family being current members. 
Residing in the Point Lonsdale / Bellarine area. 
Having permanent accommodation available in the vicinity. 

The Executive will consider special circumstances where an applicant may not be able to demonstrate points listed below but for other reason (s) shall be offered a place.


For Adults / Parents who are Members and who would like to assist / get involved with "on water" lifesaving a special Adults / Parents Bronze Course may be offered depending on demand in February. There is 3.5 days of 'hands on' training with additional pre-reading study and we base this from the Santa Casa Beach at Queenscliff. Before starting, you must complete a 400m pool swim within 9 minutes. Please visit the Further Training Page for more information about our Bronze Medallion for Adults.


For prospective BRONZE applicants:

Dates for the Season 2017-18 Bronze Program are
Sun 17 Dec 2017 to Sat 23 Dec 2017 inclusive.

More information will be provided later in 2017 once details are finalised. Please subscribe to our e Newsletter and follow our Social Media.


For prospective CADET applicants:

Dates for the Season 2017-18 Cadet Program are
Sat 16 Dec 2017 to Wed 20 Dec 2017 inclusive.

More information will be provided later in 2017 once details are finalised. Please subscribe to our e Newsletter and follow our Social Media.



Medical and ID form:

In addition to the relevant online form: applicants must print, fill and return the Medical/WWCC/ID form.