Skills Maintenance (Requals)

Skills Maintenance (Requals) - Season 2016 / 2017:

For base awards like the Surf Rescue Certificate and Bronze Medallion you MUST attend an annual 're-test' by 31 December each year for these awards to remain current. This keeps your knowledge fresh, and ensures you are aware of any changes - for example, introduction of new signals, or refinement of first aid procedures.

If you have other awards such as IRBC, IRBD, ARTC, Spinal etc then many of these are also retested annually - if you don't complete your annual skills maintenance, you cannot operate that equipment or participate in certain activities.


HOW IT WORKS: Complete the theory online BEFORE you attend any Skills Maintenance (Requal) session

FIRST you complete the online theory assessment -

Make a start on your Season 2016/2017 Skills Maintenance by completing all you theoretical requalifications online:

Online Theory: The website where you can complete your theory section is here > 

Questions or Problems? Please visit Online Theory Help.
Do NOT contact the club office, since Online Theory is provided by Life Saving Victoria.



  • It is highly recommended one books their practical session post completion of theoretical component (given changes to ARTC & spinal; requals will take longer)


*Preparation:  Before attending any District or State session:

  • If aged 17+, update your WWCC Registration online to ensure our club is listed, with address PO Box 120.
  • Ensure your Point Lonsdale club membership has been renewed for the upcoming season.
  • Be aware of which awards you intend to requalify - Bronze or SRC, maybe more.
  • Complete the Online Theory - see details above.
  • If attending the State session - you must pre-register, see details below.
  • Bring your bathers (wetsuit recommended) and towel, pen and pencil, perhaps snack and drink.
  • Be sure to arrive on time since assessors will not wait.
  • Allow about three hours to complete the process.


State Requalification: Point Lonsdale members can attend* this session:

STATE SESSION: Sunday 11th December at LSV, from 10:30am - 

Make your State Requal registration from the Online Theory page, after completing the theory component.
See other preparation steps above, including WWCC and club membership.


Want more? If you enjoy the bustle of Skills Maintenance sessions and like to visit other clubs in the area, you should consider qualifying as an assessor. For more details contact our VP Lifesaving via the club office.


Background Information: As provided by LSV >