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Autumn 2016



Hi Matthew,

Welcome to The Autumn Bumblebee, your quarterly email newsletter for the Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club. The Bumblebee is the club's newsletter providing an update to members on important club matters.

President's message

a busy and successful season ...

In early December I wrote my piece for the "Christmas edition" of the Bumblebee, somewhat nervous for the coming peak period as a new President and with a largely new Executive Committee.

Wow, what an incredibly successful and busy peak summer period and we all got through it!

I don't want to use the word highlight, but what an amazing experience the pop-up restaurant made to the Clubhouse and to the Club this Season. In almost 30 years of my involvement I have never seen the place so busy for such a long period and this could not have happened without a huge effort from so many people in preparing, during and afterwards. Someone said that it was a great "friend raising" exercise and I tend to agree and I hope this will assist us as we will soon be calling on many to help up financially with the new Clubhouse project.

Our major activities of Patrols (and performing several rescues and many first aid cases), Training and Assessment Requals and courses, LERT RWC patrols, Aquatic Sports training and Carnivals, Nippers, the Doorknock, the Rip View Swim Classic, Major Social Events such as Toga, White Knight and musical evenings and everything else in-between including new initiatives such as Pink Zink patrol have been so successful. A former President asked me on several occasions how things were going around the Club and I replied that it seems to be going well and that I'm not hearing many complaints, to which he replied that was a great sign that things are going well.

On behalf of the membership, I pass on my and their thanks for those in leadership positions that have lead these events and to those 'behind the scenes' assisting or supporting and attending that have made for such a successful peak period.

Congratulations to Justine Cain have been appointed to the Committee as the VP Training and Assessment for the remainder of the season. Justine proactively nominated herself for this important position and I applaud her initiative.

Please keep up to date via our Website, Facebook or Twitter and please get involved in your great Club.

Matthew Ponsford President

Senior Vice President's Report

What a great season ...

o Glanuese Bar renovation and clubhouse pop-up preparation and renovation

o Surf Boat - beginning a three-year business plan for obtaining a brand new surf boat for the club. This boat will be funded through private sponsorships and sport / recreation grants.

o New PLSLSC Aquatic Sport team merchandise distributed to team members

o New Aquatic Sports coaching plan being developed with coaches going through LSV training programs

o Stingers board repair fund established with $1500 raised for repairs and new competition boards

o Significant donation accepted through door knock for Stingers initiatives

o Training development collaboration developed between PLSLSC IRB team and Williamstown and Ocean Grove IRB teams

o Nippers in School program a success with the planning for bigger and better program for 2016-17 already underway including extending it to other local schools

o Nippers - Summer Program was the biggest program to date

o Toga Nights Young and Old were successful - well planned and executed

o The Rip View Swim - another successful event and the addition of the longer 3.8km event is set to become a permanent addition to the program

o Beach Bonnet BBQ transformed the club grounds over summer and raised valuable $$ for the new clubhouse development

o Bar renovation; require an investigation into tax deductible receipts for renovation

Liam Petrie-All-Butt Senior Vice President

Captain's Report

A great contribution by all ...

Thank you to all patrolling members. We have had a very good season with only one default on first weekend of the season (no IRB Driver). The patrol numbers have been steady over the peak period, and we are working to maintain the numbers.

The transition of new Bronzies and Cadets into patrols has been fantastic with patrols well attended. We are encouraging the Bronzies and Cadets to continue learning calling for all to enrol in at least one additional award course.

We ran a very successful Spinal Management Award course in conjunction with the Ocean Grove Surf Club with 27 members from both clubs gaining this very important qualification.

Another big thank to the water safety for the Rip View Swim Classic. It was managed really well in tricky conditions. We worked in partnership with Ocean Grove Surf who provided 2 IRBs drivers and crew. It will be important to maintain working relationship with Ocean Grove to share resources.

On 10 January the Pink Zinc all female patrols on the Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove beaches were incredibly successful. The initiative generated good media coverage and great support from club members and local government representatives Lisa Neville, Sarah Henderson and Helene Cameron.

Jo Burch, Club Captain

Nippers 2015-16

Thank you for your support ...

Another great Nipper season. Weather was perfect and enthusiasm levels were high. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. Whether you helped with rash vest distribution, cooking sausages, setting up, packing up, first aid, selling raffle tickets, parent age helpers or assisting with the disco, Championships Day or Presentation Night we really appreciated your support. With all this energy combined we make an awesome team!

Once again our instructors did an amazing job. Their ability to connect with our Nippers, encourage and nurture children of all ages and abilities was outstanding.

We couldn't run our program without our water safety personnel. Thanks to all the new SRC recruits and parents who provided terrific support for our Nippers and instructors.

Next year will be my last season heading up the program so I am keen to hear from anyone who is keen to run the program for a few seasons. I have set up the program so it can easily be run by a team of people which may make it less labour intense for one person and much more fun. I've broken it into the following:

o Nipper co-ordinator

o Nipper admin support

o Nipper Instructor Co-ordinator

o Water safety co-ordinator

o Nipper beach base and beach set up co-ordinator

o Nipper raffle co-ordinator

o Nipper disco co-ordinator

o Nipper BBQ team

Enjoy your year, keep swimming and see you ready for the 2016-2017 season!

Justine Kiely-Scott (Bim)

Club Administration

Working through the off season ...

A big thank you to Donna, Gavin and Betty for their great work through another bumper summer. They have been kept very busy with memberships, merchandise sales, financial processes, processing patrol logs and supporting our members - always with a smile.

Thank you also to our admin volunteer Rosa. Rosa has been a terrific help filing hundreds of membership applications and merchandise orders and this week has organized the mailout of uncollected Nippers certificates.

Deb Monaghan joined the admin team as Office Supervisor. She lives in Lonny and some of you may have met her when she helped out with the Nippers in Schools pilot program in November/December last year. Deb has expressed how impressed she is with "the passion, dedication, contributions and commitment of club members" she has met so far; "PLSLSC is a club I want to be a part of and I look forward to working with you".

Please note post summer office hours. The office is now open: 9.30am - 1.30pm Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Beach Bonnet – a wrap …

The success of the Beach Bonnet BBQ at the Club over summer is summarized by …


The Space Agency worked with Point Lonsdale Surf Lifesaving Club to come up with an idea to bring people together and provide great food on the relaxing grounds of the Clubhouse grounds.

A refurbished Glanuese Bar contributed to the success of the success of the Bluebonnet BBQ.


The Club aimed to raise money for the development of the Clubhouse. The unique pop up restaurant was a different approach to fundraising and it generated a high level of interest in the Club from a broader and bigger wider audience.


The Beach Bonnet BBQ was highly successful meeting all of our goals. Significant outcomes included:


o Up to 3 times traditional visitation to the Club with greater proportion of families and young people & expanded audience- visitors, tourists


o Cost-effective refurbishment of Glaneuse Bar & high turnover in one month- significant increase on usual and an expanded bar product offering- cocktails & showcase of local producers- craft beer and wine

Media Exposure

o High volume of print and online media coverage & positive social media impact


o Positive community building outcomes

2015/16 Bronze and Cadet Camps

The earlier the better ...

The timing of this season's Bronze and Cadet Camps proved to be a bonus for the Club and the participants. The Club had more qualified people for patrols, Nipper water safety, and Rip View Swim Classic. And the new cadets and Bronzies made a whole group of new friends to hang-out with over the summer holidays.

The Club is committed to continuing the pre-Christmas program. A group of members got together to talk about how the programs could be improved and some of the suggestions included:

o Earlier planning and involvement of the Club's administration team

o Streamlined online registration to collect all relevant information, including aligning online registrations ready with membership renewals, so current members could apply immediately

o Improving communications about the programs to make sure as many interested people find as possible

o Continuing to work closely with Life Saving Victoria to refine and improve the training and award recognition

o Arrange additional parent helpers to stay at Camp/Whitehall overnight to coordinate activities and living arrangements

o Consider a dedicated volunteer bus driver for the week

o Better rules and requirements for the participants e.g. 'Tidy, vacuum rooms' Tues & Thurs


Team spirit and club involvement ...

The junior aquatic sports team has had a busy season, with some great training sessions with our three coaches. We were also made to feel very welcome when we joined a training session with the Ocean Grove competition team. They have been very accommodating and there is the opportunity for us to explore further joint training sessions.

The first carnival in which the club competed was Cosy Corner Carnival at Torquay, with approximately 80 children competing. The competitors had a great day and competed in good spirit. It was great to see a much broader range of families involved, with a number of new officials who completed training courses prior to Christmas. For many of the competitors, this was their first competition and we are hopeful that we see greater longevity in the Stingers participation (ie beyond Cosy Corner) next year.

We made the difficult decision not to compete as a club at the Junior State Championships this year as we couldn't field enough teams across the different age groups. As a club, our competitors are generally good all round athletes rather than life saving specialists. This means that our kids tend to be heavily involved in other sports and understandably these clash with surf life saving carnivals. While we did not compete as a club, there are a number of teams who ventured down Warrnambool to fly the 'Lonsdale flag'.

We started the season with the aim of engendering team spirit and club involvement and to this end, have had a very successful season. The support the team has received from the club has been fantastic this year and the level of enthusiasm and team spirit (coupled with the community spirit generated with the increased activity at the club) has been terrific and commented upon by many families.

Kate Kennett


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