Q:  How do I become a member of the club?

A:  Membership information can be found here:  /the-club/membership/


Q:  What Date will the Rip View Swim Classic be held?

A:  RVSC information can be found here : /the-club/rip-view-swim-classic/

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Q:  I can't make my Patrol, what do I do?

A:  /media/1335/What%20to%20do%20if%20you%20cannot%20attend%20a%20patrol%2012-13.pdf


Q:  How do I complete my online theory for Skills Maintenance (Requals)

A:  Go here /education/skills-maintenance-(requals)/


Q:  What forms do I need to return for Nippers?     

A:  Checkout the 'Which Forms Must I Return" section here /nippers/how-to-apply/


Q:  When can I apply for Cadets/Bronze?

A:  Information on how to apply for Cadets and Bronze programs will be contained in your membership renewal package.  Membership renewal packages are sent out early September each year.  For more information on the Bronze or Cadet programs visit our website here /education/bronze-cadet-camps/   Subscribe to our email newsletters - we use this method to publicise the application period.