Member Protection

Use of Images - Club Publications
This section relates to use of images in our club's publications, printed or online - such as a printed or email newsletter, our website, our Facebook page or Twitter feed, for example. 
When members agree to the standard SLSA Declaration (as required for membership) they accept a clause which allows our use of a member's name and image. 
On that basis, we can publish photos of club members to promote and market the club - but we also apply the steps below.

When selecting for publication, we will only select images which are positive in nature - ie promoting participation in Club activities or Surf Life Saving.  The Club will also avoid use of images which unreasonably disclose personal information about people depicted.

In addition, for our club publications, the people depicted can control whether an image is accompanied by identifying information, such as their name in a caption.

If any member does NOT want their name to accompany images selected for club publication this season, they should complete a Withhold Caption Permission form, and return it to the club office.


Use of Images - External Publications

Sometimes we are asked to allow publication of images in external media such as newspapers.

In such cases, we advise the copyright owner (normally the person who snapped the photograph) to deal directly with the requestor,  to gain permission from anyone depicted. This is entirely separate from the club procedures above.

Member Protection Information
Our club is affiliated with LSV and SLSA, and therefore adopts SLSA's published Member Protection Policy and Grievance Procedure. 


Member Protection Policy


This policy aims to assist SLSA to uphold its core values and create a safe, fair and inclusive environment for everyone associated with our organisation. It sets out our commitment to ensure that every person involved in our organisation is treated with respect and dignity and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse. It also ensures that everyone involved in our organisation is aware of their legal and ethical rights and responsibilities, as well as the standards of behaviour expected of them.


The policy attachments describe the practical steps we will take to eliminate discrimination, harassment, child abuse and other forms of inappropriate behaviour from our activities.


Please ensure you are familiar with the SLSA Member Protection Policy 6.05.


Grievance Procedure


This procedure explains what to do if you have a grievance about anything to do with Surf Life Saving. A grievance means any type of problem, concern or complaint about your involvement or the environment you are involved in. For example, you could have a grievance about:
* Development and training availability;
* How an issue has been handled;
* The club environment;
* Safety in the workplace;
* The treatment by an official or officer;
* Discrimination; or
* Harassment.


SLSA recognises you can't do a good job or be fully productive, if you feel other members or officers or anyone else at the organisation is treating you unfairly, discriminating against you or harassing you.


For detail see the SLSA Grievance Procedure 6.06.


Step 1A:


Try to sort it out yourself with the person or people involved, if you can. Sometimes people didn't mean to do what they did, and the matter can be sorted out by a simple explanation or apology. You should approach the person or people involved as soon as possible, if you can.
Step 1B:


If you aren't sure how to handle the problem yourself, speak to a club official for advice and support.
For any such issues at our club, the primary contact is our Grievance Officer. If that person is unavailable, we can help direct you to an alternate person within our club - who will later report to the Grievance Officer.  For referral to an alternate Grievance Officer, or for general advice, please speak to a Member Protection & Equity Officer. Officer names and contact details are  available in the Members area of the club website or from office staff.
Step 2:


If you have tried to handle the matter within your club and the matter is not resolved, please mail for advice and support on next steps.