To renew or join for 2018-19 you must complete your membership online and make your payment online.

This requires members to have an account on the SLSA Members Portal. If you do not already have a Portal account, you should create one - see instructions below.

To help renewing families - note the SLSA Members Portal includes support for Family Groups. If an adult is recorded as the Primary Contact for their Family Group, they can renew membership for themselves, their spouse and/or their children, without needing a separate Portal account for each person. We have already created Family Groups for existing members who share a postal address.

There is also a list of Additional Steps which can apply to you or your family. Take care: some steps are compulsory for particular membership categories - so they must be completed to avoid blocking or delaying your family's memberships.



1. Before starting, use this guide to figure the appropriate membership category for each family member:

  • Nippers are officially called Junior Activity members.
  • Patrolling members are generally Cadet 13-15 or Active 15-18 or Active 18+, depending on age.
  • Nipper parents are usually Associate, unless they are a patrolling member.
  • Few are eligible for Reserve Active or Long Service or Life Member, and they would know their status.
  • If joining for social activities or to support the club, choose category Associate.
  • 17 years and over this season ? Do you have a WWCC and is the Point Lonsdale SLSC listed ? - if not then please visit our WWCC page

2. Then use this table to calculate the total payable for club membership 2018-19.



(by 30 September)


OR LATE RENEWALS (after 30 September)


one payment covers all members age 7+ at the same address

(otherwise add the individual rates below)

$ 300

$ 395

Junior Activity (Nipper)

at least one parent must also be a member

$ 100

($55 concession)*

$ 125

subject to space in age group

($75 concession)*

Associate - Nipper Parent

$ 85

($60 concession)*

$ 110

($80 concession)*

Cadet (13-15 years)

committed to attend rostered beach patrols when qualified (enrolment in SRC program is separate and additional)

$ 90

($45 concession)*

$ 105

($65 concession)*

Active Junior (15-17 years)

committed to attend rostered beach patrols when qualified (enrolment in Bronze program is separate and additional)

$ 90

($45 concession)*

$ 105

($65 concession)*

Active (18+ years)

qualified surf lifesaver, committed to attend rostered beach patrols

$ 80 $ 100

Reserve Active

must apply annually on appropriate form

$ 80 $ 100

Long Service

must apply annually on appropriate form

$ 95 $ 105

Life Member

must hold WWCC

$ 0 $ 0
Associate (not Nipper Parent) $ 110 $ 125

*: If claiming Concession rate, ensure our office receives a copy of your valid Health Care Card with Victorian address, within 7 days of making your payment.



If you are a member without a Portal account, or are not yet a member: Apply for Portal or Membership.

If you already have an SLSA Members Portal account: Login to your Portal account.

Guidance is included on each of the pages above.


When in the Portal, follow steps 1-6 for a Family Group renewal.

1. Click the tab  Lifesaving Online.

2. Click the sub-tab  My Family.

3. On your family's line, click Renew Memberships.

4. Select Season: 2018/2019 and then tick each member to be renewed.

5. To proceed you must tick agreement to the SLSA Membership Declaration for all selected.

6. Click the Submit button.


Or for an Individual renewal, follow steps 1A-4A for your renewal only.

1A. Click the tab Lifesaving Online.

2A. Click the button  Renew.

3A. To proceed you must tick agreement to conditions in the Confirmation section.

4A. Click the Submit button.



First complete the Membership step above - it must precede your payment.

Then when in the Portal, follow these steps to make your payment.

1. Click the tab Lifesaving Online.

2. Click the sub-tab Online Payments.

3. On the line "Point Lonsdale" click MAKE PAYMENT.

4. At the prompt Select the entity to pay type "Point Lonsdale SLSC".

5. Click on Click here to view price list which pops a small window of information.

6. Add transaction type Membership fee, type the names of your family members, and the total fees.

7. For the last 3 seasons, we have NOT INCREASED our membership subscriptions. This season we are asking all families to make a one off donation to the new Clubhouse campaign - we're so close but we need your help!.  To make a one off donation, please download and complete this form.

8. Click the Submit button and follow the prompts to make your payment.

BEWARE: Paying the fee is not sufficient for club membership. You must also complete your membership online, and you must complete all relevant additional steps - eg WWCC (age 17+) or Swim Test (Nippers).



Please read all of this section carefully, because your family may be affected by more than one step.

Steps marked * are strictly required for particular membership categories - take care to avoid blocking or delaying memberships for your entire family.

*Adults If aged 17+ on 30 September - visit our WWCC page to check membership requirements.
*Nippers If your family has Nippers - print the Swim Test, have it completed, and send to the club.
*Starfish For children or young adults with special needs - see Starfish Nippers for enrolment details.
Competitors If interested in Stingers or Seniors squads - see Sports  and register your interest online.
Cadets If aged 13-14 and aiming at Surf Rescue Certificate - visit the Bronze & Cadets page to apply online.
Bronze If aged 15-17 and seeking Bronze Medallion - visit the Bronze & Cadets page to apply online. 
Instructors If interested in teaching Nippers, Cadets or Bronze - visit Instructing for an online form.
Lifesavers For information about awards beyond Bronze - visit the Further Training page.
Lifesavers See the Lifesaving  page about skills maintenance and the patrol roster.

*Reserve Active /

*Long Service

For these membership categories - complete and return the RA/LS Application .
Everyone We can publish photos of club members to promote the club - see Member Protection for details.

To order clothing or other club products - visit the Merchandise  page.

This includes some compulsory Nippers clothing, to purchase new or reuse if already owned.



In the list of Additional Steps above, there are several forms to be printed, completed and returned to the club.

Option 1: (preferred) by email to - scans only, no phone photos. Max filesize 200kb.

Option 2 (not preferred): post to Point Lonsdale SLSC, PO Box 120, Point Lonsdale 3225.



All our memberships are now managed online, not on paper. If you know another member who lacks internet at home, you could suggest they visit a trusted friend or relative with internet access, or a local library or Neighbourhood House with low-cost internet. We also have a computer available at the clubhouse during membership season, and are happy to assist visitors.