Working with Children Check

If you are a club member born on or before 30 September 2000 (age 17+ years for season 2017-18) and interact* with children for club activities, you must have a Working With Children Check (WWCC) from the Department of Justice listing our club as an organisation for which you volunteer.

The Club requires all members 17 years and above (see above) to hold a valid WWCC, which lists the Point Lonsdale SLSC. This will assist to safeguard all of our junior members of the Club.

*Any person 18 years and over, in a voluntary or salaried position, who works with person's under 18 years of age in any capacity is required to have a valid Working with Children Check registered to Life Saving Victoria and their Life Saving Club. The Department of Justice WWC Check website defines "Child related work as contact with a child that is "direct" and part of the person‟s duties. Direct contact includes oral, written or electronic communications as well as face to face".

WWCC is free for volunteers but you must supply a passport sized photo.


How do I apply for a WWCC ?

Watch the 'Lodging your application' video below for an overview of the application process:

Complete the online WWCC application form at using 'Details for your WWCC' as shown below. Print the form and take it to a participating Post Office to lodge it with a passport size photo and ID documents.


Already have WWCC registration ?

Your WWCC registration will be recognised by our club, but only if you've listed our club as an organisation for which you volunteer. It is not sufficient to tell us your WWCC number, and a photocopy of your WWCC card is irrelevant: instead our club MUST be listed in your WWCC registration online. You can  check and update your registration online at or via 1300 652 879. You must list our club with the Postal Address of PO BOX 120 Point Lonsdale 3225 to ensure the Department of Justice notifications reach us.



Use this information when applying for WWCC, updating your details or renewing your WWCC.

Details of Child-Related Work:

    11. List The Area(s) …    Use the codes:

                        10       (overnight camps)

                        70       (clubs and organisations)

Details of Organisation/s …

    12. Which Organisation(s) …

         Primary Organisation

                   LIFE SAVING VICTORIA

                   PO BOX 353

                   SOUTH MELBOURNE VIC 3205                   PH: 9676 6930

         Other Organisation


                   PO BOX 120

                   POINT LONSDALE VIC 3225                   PH: 5258 1257


Has your WWCC expired ? 

Cards expire every 5 years; you can then renew your WWCC at When you receive your renewal notice from the Department of Justice, be sure to check your registration still includes our club details as shown above.


WWCC Exemption for Teacher or Police Officer ? 

No exemptions at our club, nor at any other: Life Saving Victoria requires WWCC compliance regardless of occupation. Our club already includes many teachers and several police officers, and all are compliant with this WWCC policy.


Why age 17+ instead of 18+ ?

In previous years, some patrolling members and Bronze/Cadet instructors were obliged to immediately cease those activities if they turned 18 during summer without their WWCC in place. To guarantee coverage for every member from the day of their 18th birthday, we now require WWCC compliance for every member aged 17+ at the start of the season.